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It began with a single Book of Hope in 1987. And in the past thirty years, has evolved into more than a dozen different mediums such as film, storytelling, and mobile apps. We partner with tens of thousands of local churches around the world so that children and youth can engage with Scripture and the Church can disciple the next generation.

In response to this calling, the first Book of Hope was developed and distributed to almost to one million school children in El Salvador in 1987. Today, by God’s grace, the ministry of OneHope has grown exponentially and has touched more than a billion young lives with God’s Word through innovative Scripture tools in mediums including print, film, apps, virtual worlds, and much more.

We have always believed that if we could share God’s Word with every child, the world would be drastically different. – Rob Hoskins



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“I felt like I was living without purpose. But the village has changed.”

Poko’s village in Togo was violently divided between two kings. One day, a pastor came to visit and showed The GodMan film to the whole village. Many people gave their life to God, including Poko’s father, one of the village’s kings. After learning about the power of Christ’s sacrifice, he chose to do something completely unexpected that completely transformed the village – and their eternities.

Vision 2030 is an international movement to reach every child, in every nation, with God’s Word by the year 2030.


Suleiman meets Christ at 10 

A ten year old girl named Praise Suleiman who is in Primary four, was opportuned to watch the Godman film at COCIN Centre Azare, she gave her life to Christ after the show.
When she got home, she met her mother who had been sick, she wanted to pray for her but a friend stopped her and said the Uncle who showed them the film cautioned “only those that have become children of God by accepting Jesus and are cleansed from their sins can pray for the sick in Jesus name and the sick shall be healed”. Her reply was stunning,“during the programme I gave my life to Jesus and He has forgiven me my sins and I am a child of God now, I will pray for her” she said. 
The girl went ahead to pray for her mother and the mother received her healing and gave glory to God.


A Brighter Future — for Muslim Children

Abubakar Shuaibu and Usman Shuaibu Muslim pupils in Amana Primary School Dandango, willingly gave their lives to Christ after watching The Godman Movie and receiving book of hope.
They suffered persecutions from their Muslim parents and friends. The boys were withdrawn  from school and disassociated from Christian meetings. But the brave children kept reading Book of Hope secretly.
More grace for them.